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    Centered Person Consulting is designed to help clients create and manage their vision for their future. At Centered Person Consulting our job is to “help you facilitate creativity”. We understand that the answers to many of your impending issues reside in you. Our journey to helping you facilitate creativity is aided with self-actualizing coaching strategies, personalized philosophical inquiry, and individualized relevant goal setting. What makes Centered Person Consulting the right choice for so many, is that all of the aforementioned are set, produced, and determined by you the client. Let us help you build a better you.

    Uniquely positioned in the realm of mental performance coaching and corporate consultation, Centered Person Consulting offers direct access to experts in the fields of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Counseling, and Education. As opposed to other companies, Centered Person Consulting’s curriculum is both developed and delivered by experts, allowing for true collaboration between Centered Person and the client. With Centered Person Consulting, you can be safe in knowing that no third parties are involved in the educational, coaching, curriculum, or delivery process.

    Centered Person Consulting blends traditional counseling ideals with innovative executive coaching strategies that are geared toward increasing individual and organizational awareness. We refer to this unique blend as mental performance coaching.  We have been able to assist a collage of individuals and organizations with enhancing their learning abilities and expanding their options for engagement and collaboration.