AFB partners and connects participants with strong, supportive men who encourage our young men to become positive forces in their communities. This interactive group opportunity encourages participants to become strong, positive men in the face of overwhelmingly negative environmental forces that surround them (drugs, gangs, and violence). Mentors and guest speakers serve as role models […]

Life Coaching

Centered Person Consulting is designed to help clients create and manage their vision for their future. At Centered Person Consulting our job is to “help you, help you”. We understand that the answers to many of your impeding issues reside in you. Our journey to helping you build a better you is aided with self-actualizing […]

Reading Through Technology

The Reading through Technology Program is a supplemental reading program designed to enable students to improve reading fluency and comprehension. Students who read fluently read smoothly and easily, without pausing to figure out words. These students identify words automatically. As a result, they can focus on meaning (comprehension) rather than word recognition when they read. […]